Why choose DreamStone Video?

DreamStone Video is unlike most other video production companies in that we deliver exceptional value at competitive prices and truly care about every aspect of your video, down to the smallest detail.  Our videos are filmed and edited with a creative and cinematic style that stands out from the majority of other videos in their class. We have a long track record of consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations and guarantee our videos to meet your satisfaction.

We work closely with each client and plan ahead so we are prepared to capture exactly what you’re looking for. If applicable, we go to wedding rehearsals or other venues ahead of time (when possible) so there’s no confusion during your wedding day or special event.

Our videography team arrives at formal events professionally dressed in formal attire and is careful to not be intrusive. We carry backup equipment and professional sound and lighting equipment to meet nearly any situation that may arise during the shoot.  Our entire team is highly experienced, professional, and above all, exceedingly creative.

Why have a professional video made?

A video can be one of the most effective ways to revisit special memories, share your experiences, or communicate your message. Unlike still photos, videos incorporate movement, sound, and the event itself as it occurred. Memories are often all you have left after a special event such as a wedding. It is important to preserve these memories as best you can so they can be shared and experienced with friends and family for generations.

Hiring a professional videographer can be the best decision you make. A friend or relative will often lack the experience, equipment, and time commitment to create the type of video that would satisfactorily capture your special, once in a lifetime moment.

DreamStone Video has nearly a decade of experience, professional 3 chip HD broadcast quality cameras and professional audio and lighting equipment. We have the resources to properly film your video from multiple angles and cinematically edit it into a beautiful story that can be enjoyed for years.

What kind of equipment do you use?

DreamStone Video utilizes some of the latest technology available including professional 3-chip HD broadcast quality cameras. Our cameras include the Sony XDCAM EX series cameras, which produce incredibly vivid images in full 1080p, recorded sraight to Sony SxS memory cards. We also use some of the latest 35mm digital HD cinema cameras including the Canon 5D Mark II with high-end Canon L-series lenses (F 2.8). We also utilize steady-cam equipment, professional fluid head tripods, an array of professional microphones (including professional wireless lavalieres), professional lighting equipment with hundreds of filters, on-camera lights, camera cranes, dolly sliders, as well as outdoor reflectors, diffusers and other grip equipment. If we need additional equipment for your video, we won’t hesitate to rent it for your shoot at no cost to you. All our videos are edited on top of the line 8-core processor Mac Pros using the latest Final Cut Studio Pro software.

Our event is not in the Los Angeles area, can we still hire you?

Absolutely! We often film videos outside the Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California area. We’ll drive to any location outside of Los Angeles up to 60 miles, after which we charge 49 cents per mile.

Why is video so expensive?

Most professional videographers have invested a substantial amount in their equipment and spend a considerable amount of time editing the final video. DreamStone Video videographers are experienced professionals who use some of the latest videography and editing equipment and often invest 60 to 80 hours on just the editing of an event video.

How are special events filmed and edited?

We start by finding out exactly what you’re looking for in your video and listening to any concerns or questions you may have. If possible, we always try to go to the event rehearsal or location ahead of time. On the day of your event we arrive professionally dressed in formal attire. Depending on the package you’ve selected, our videographers will set up 1 to 3 HD cameras, (more cameras allow for additional coverage and more creative editing). We then set up our professional audio equipment taking care not to be a distraction. During the event we strive to capture every significant detail of your day including guest’s reactions, event decorations, as well as all your emotions throughout the day.

During the editing process we use your choice of music along with transitions, effects, and titles to edit each segment of your event into beautiful sequences. (The ceremony is usually kept in its entirety). The end result is stunning 60 to 120 minute video that highlights all the key events of your day in breathtaking HD. We also create DVD chapter menus and create a custom DVD cover. Your final video will be something you and your family will treasure for years to come, with you as the star.

When will our DVD’s be available?

Depending on the complexity of the project, please allow for between six to eight weeks on average. Three copies of the DVD are included in the price with additional copies available.

How much is the deposit?

DreamStone Video charges a 25% non-refundable deposit on all its video projects. The deposit ensures that your event’s date will be reserved and that the appropriate equipment is available for the shoot.

Will you produce videos not listed on your site?

Definitely! We produce all types of videos for a variety of purposes. If the video you need produced isn’t listed on our site, please contact us and tell us about your project and we’ll do everything we can to create your perfect video.

When should we reserve our date?

Dates book fast so it’s important you reserve your date as soon as possible. Due to the amount of time we devote to each project, we limit our dates to ensure the best possible commitment to each project